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The Small Details

After planning several weddings over a 25 year span I was led to move forward with it as a business. I’ve always had a deep passion for organizing and planning, and I believe that every special event deserves to be stunning. With this philosophy in mind I founded Dogwood Wedding Group, LLC in early 2021, and have since gained many valuable connections with industry-leading experts and vendors. I’ll work day and night to guarantee that your next event will be filled with unforgettable moments.

A big southern "Hey Ya'll!

My name is Greta and I have been married for 31+ wonderful years, and we have 2 amazing kids. I live in the beautiful foothills of northwest North Carolina.

I started this company a short time ago based on my love for love (too corny? maybe! lol) and a desire to help other couples experience the first and best day of their forever life together …. THE WEDDING DAY!

I've been involved in one way or another with several weddings over the years, from directing, decorating, coordinating, and I've even bartended a couple of them! I've always gotten a big high-on-life feeling every time...

I mean how could you not, so here I am now...

doing what I love....

for people I love....

helping them join in marriage!

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Hey! I'm Abby Martin, the daughter of Greta Martin, the CEO and founder of Dogwood Wedding Group, LLC.

I graduated from Greensboro College in 2019 with BS in Business Administration. I have spent my life dedicated to school and softball until lacing up my cleats for the last time and walking across the stage to be handed my diploma.

Since, I have been working out in the real world, dedicating myself to all the new experiences life has to offer. I am so excited to be able to dedicate myself, alongside my mother/ best friend, to couples to help achieve a magical day filled with love, beauty and commitment.

Wedding Planner & Coordinator

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